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tbscreenrider's Journal

20 November
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From the entries above one can already see, that most of my time when I am not working is spent with music and movies - that´s my obsession. I don`t need a car, fancy stuff, lots of travel - I need good music and movies. I´d love to have a 21:9 TV but it`s still too expensive :-(. My favourite artist so far is Caterina Valente - her talent and versatility is unreached. She kind of retired now, but has been a true world-artist for 5 decades, performing everywhere on this planet, singing in 10 languages (and speaking 5 of them quite fluently), giving concerts, making TV-shows and movies, playing various instruments.
Recently I discovered Sekai no owari and am very enthusiastic about their music.
Arashi was my introduction to Japanese music - perhaps because they also have quite versatile skills - something often missing with european or US-bands.My only handicap is I don`t speak japanese - and japanese companies still don`t realise how many fans for japanese music and movies/TV there are outside of Japan - and neglect subbing their DVD´s much to my regret - since I am a quality freak and would love to have brilliant DVD´s.
But thanks to inventative and ambitious fans around the world who take the trouble to fansubbing stuff, by and by I find the things I love AND understand them as well.
I love many movies from the 50´s and 60`s, especially music-movies, like Elvis, Dean Martin, Doris Day and Caterina Valente, some modern mainstream like Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, but I also love a lot of the small independent modern movies from all over the world. I love Ninomiya Kazunari - his acting is brilliant. I wish he would do more international movies, like "Letters from Iwo Jima". And I also love Yuma Nakayama, since I saw him first in "Battery" (TV) - I`m sure, he will become a huge star in Japan (many other good Japanese actors followed since I first wrote this!).
And all this I love to enjoy with a glass of good red Cabernet sauvignon in my hand :-).